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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Carlos was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.  Carlos moved to the New England at age 12, since then he has been advocating for New England and working families for over 17 years. Carlos earned his High School diploma from Laconia High School and continued his education at Lakes Region Community College. He was the youngest elected official at age 18 in 2007. Carlos served as an AmeriCorps member for 3 years, completing his service right here in NH in the Lakes Region. Carlos is a entrepreneur and educator.

Carlos is the proud father of two children. Carlos in his free time as an educator spends his time either volunteering serving meals in the community or advocating nationally for the Lakes Region and promoting policies that help families grow. Carlos has the experience necessary to bring the change necessary to Concord. Carlos was recently appointed by Governor Chris Sununu to the NH Commission on Native American Affairs, effectively promoting bipartisan legislation and building bridges to promote Indigenous affairs through the State and in the State House. Carlos has become known for working across the aisle with Republicans and Democrats to find common sense to problems the community faces.

Carlos understand the times we are living in, from rising cost to housing and food, to the division in politics. Carlos wants to be a problem solver not the problem by going to Concord and looking for ways to work across the aisle and building connections to solving our biggest problems from homelessness, to public education. Carlos also believes in the NH motto live free or die: The government should not be playing middle men with medical decisions or cannabis. Carlos is opposed to a state run cannabis legalization program, he believes in small business owners and local farms benefiting from cannabis legalization there allowing all granite staters to benefit from legalizing cannibis. 

Carlos is the son of a former nurse. His mom has been fighting cancer most of Carlos's adult life and he knows first hand the difficulties patience with cancer face in the state of NH. He wants to go to Concord to fight to end PFAS pollution in NH and in our water ways. Carlos has seen how lobbyist have been busy working to build new landfills in NH and near our water ways, Carlos wants to put an end to this practice, to effectively reduce water pollution and decreasing the exposure we all have to PFAS in our communities.

Carlos is a fighter for democracy he believes ensuring that our elections are accessible to all Americans and ensuring there is nothing stopping all Americans from participating in our democracy. Government should be making it more accessible for citizens to vote not the opposite. He also believes democracy serves best its people when there is transparency and that is why he would support legislation to stop money in politics. Money should never have the ability to silence the will of the people.

 Carlos was the first and only person in the country to host most if not all Presidential candidates in the 2020 primary election cycle, making the Lakes region and Laconia a must visit place and learn about throughout the presidential cycle in 2020. Carlos is a strong advocate of environmental justice, LGBTQ+ rights, animal rights, public education, women's rights, and lowering taxes. Carlos is currently running for State Senate for NH District #2 and we hope we are honored with your vote to bring the lakes region back to its grandeur. 

A vote for Carlos Cardona is a vote for:

Lower Taxes

Public education

protect the environment

Legalize Cannabis 

Always focusing on our district and having the best interest of voters in NH District #2

Carlos Cardona


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