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"I want to work for you. We need to create more decent paid jobs, improve our schools, and make healthcare a top priority once again. I want to put all my experience to the service of my constituents in my District to do what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done. I will listen to my constituents from day one. That's a promise"

Schools in NH need to be able to provide 21st-century education in modern schoolrooms. Every child regardless of race, economic background, belief or gender needs a great education. We need to trust that our future generations will be properly educated to be the future of America that will lead us to prosperity.  

We also need to provide affordable superior education for those students graduating from high school. 

Many of them leave the area for access to better education, better wages and better housing opportunities. That needs to change.

Student loans are a constant burden to many young NH residents. Finding a way to provide financial relief to those individuals so they are not paying their loans for the rest of their adult lives should be a priority.

Trade schools will also be important to be able to reconstruct our community. I will seek to promote that from day one.

Carlos is a firm believer that public dollars should stay in public schools. The voucher program does not address school choice and is a made up program to syphon money from pour school and another tax break for the most wealthy.


The cost of living is rising but wages are not. I am a supporter of rent control and investment in social housing. We see everyday that rents are going up but is increasingly unaffordable for young families to access a decent home. Clean water, lead-free, mold-free housing plus proper A/C and heating are basic human rights. 


Access to Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. All across the nation, we see the struggles that many Americans have to endure on a daily basis. We need an all-inclusive Universal Healthcare system regardless of the socio-economical, gender as well as any preexisting conditions. Free coverage of checkups, mental health, visual and dental programs, long term care, childbirth and doulas, physical therapy, vaccines, surgical procedures need to be included. We are living post COVID-19 times and now more than ever this country understands the need for medical coverage for all Americans. 

Cannabis legalization

All our New England neighbors already legalized it but here we are still arresting people for minor possessions in New Hampshire. If elected I will fight for its legalization but we will not stop there. We need to erase previous criminal records from individuals with minor possession charges as well. Decriminalize and regulate cannabis in New Hampshire through an efficient tax system. 

Minimum Wage

New Hampshire is still enforcing the embarrassing Federal minimum wage 0f $7.25 an hour. Rent is going up, healthcare is unaffordable, food prices are constantly increasing, education is expensive but to earn a good livable wage in order to live a decent life is almost impossible. A bill to progressively change the minimum wage was already presented in Concord but vetoed by Governor Sununu. If elected I will work tirelessly to pass this important piece of legislation. All New Hampshire residents will benefit from this. 


As residents of Laconia, we are fortunate enough to be blessed by amazing mountains and lakes. We need to protect them at all costs. 

The changes we are seeing are very real and it is already an existential threat to our way of life in the Lakes Region.  We need to invest in infrastructure, solar and wind energy. New policies hat will not only bring prosperity to our region but also will improve the quality of living for millions of Americans.  I support eco-friendly practices at the local and state level. 

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